Where Is It? - Legacy Downloads

On this page you can find available historical downloadable resources for older, outdated versions of WhereIsIt, including old add-ins like plugins, additional language files, help files, etc.

Warning!   Downloads available on this page are severely outdated and obsolete. You can find the current version here.

Legacy Where Is It? versions

Where Is It? 3.97 (build 726)
where397.zip, 5631 kB, July 26th 2009, Portable version (ZIP compressed)

Download Sites:   Download Site (http)

Where Is It? 2.16a
wii216a.zip, 2571 kB, March 28th 2000, ZIP compressed

Download Sites:   Download Site (http)

Also available: [Current Version Downloads] [WhereIsIt Lite]

Find out what was being developed in these old versions.

Legacy Plugins for older Where Is It? versions

WhereIsIt 2.00 has introduced a special programming interface, Description API, which allows developing plugins. Description plugins are used during the process of scanning the media and have the task of providing descriptions for files, folders, or media itself. Anybody with sufficient programming skills to develop a regular DLL library, in any programming language, can extend WhereIsIt's description thumbnails importing capabilities by providing the program with a new plugin. If you have a description source that WhereIsIt can not use at this time, for example, a text file in a non-supported format, you can write your own plugin that will process such files and allow WhereIsIt to automatically import descriptions from that source.

Version 2 plugins are fairly simple and only have one task, to import descriptions. Plugins in version 3 and newer can go beyond that and can also provide thumbnails and alias names, import CDDB data on request from cataloged data, support the internal image viewer with graphics file formats, etc.

Plugin Size Version Release date
Main Description Plugins 74 kB 1.50 June 20th 2000
The Main Description Plugin module is the one that takes care of importing most of supported description sources in WhereIsIt. This module is always included with the program package as well, however module available here may be newer and allows you to update description support without having to download the entire program.
Graphics Description Plugins 50 kB 1.26 January 31st 2000
Graphics description is a supplemental plugins module for importing details about most often used graphic file formats in use today. All plugins provide details such as width, height, and color depth of the picture, and most of them (GIF, JPG, TIFF, PSD, and PNG) can extract more detailed information if available, as well.
Generic Text File Plugin 39 kB 0.91 April 2nd 1999
This plugin is capable of automatically importing user-defined text files as descriptions for parent items (folders) during media scan. This feature was in high demand among WhereIsIt users, however it is likely to produce much longer catalog files with importing more or less irrelevant text. because of that, this plugin is not officially a part of WhereIsIt and is not supported in any way. Use on your own responsibility!

Plugins for WhereIsIt version 2 will work in newer WhereIsIt 3.xx as well, although missing on some of the new features. If available, rather use newer version of the same plugins, specifically developed for version 3 and newer.

Third-Party Plugins

Plugins below are third-party plugins, developed by other authors. While no known problems exist, these plugins are not supported nor tested, use on your own risk. Note that a bad plugin can cause problems during scanning, and can cause scanning to fail. For any questions or comments about there plugins, please contact their authors directly.

Plugin Size Version Author Release date
Desc Movies 32 kB 1.10 Mattias Dahlberg January 26th 2001
Imports descriptions about movie files such as their pixel size, fps ratio, and play time.
New in version 1.10: Added support for AVI Codecs, QuickTime MOV
Music Module 5 kB 1.20 Octavian Chis December 18th 1999
Small, fast and simple module for importing titles from older sound files such as once widely popular *.MOD files. Written in pure assembler, includes full source code and translated header file to WhereIsIt's DescAPI interface for other assembler-based plugins.
RPM Plugin (Linux, RedHat) 27 kB 0.01 beta Eladio Linares August 25th 2000
Description Plugin for the RPM files (Linux, RedHat).

More third-party plugins written for newer version 3 can be found on a separate page.

Legacy Language Files

WhereIsIt? version 2 has full multi-language support, meaning you can choose one of prepared languages to be used in program's user interface. You can easily switch languages while program is running, and even make your own translations or changes to language files.

Most of the language files listed here were prepared by volunteers, not by professionals. Each translation's author takes full credits as well as full responsibilities for the quality and usability of his/hers language file. Consider these language files as third-party add-ons, while the only officially supported language in the program remains to be English.

Download:   WhereIsIt? Version 3 Language Pack
 langpack3.zip, 1379 kB, December 3rd 2009, self-extract
Download Sites:   WhereIsIt Main Site (http)

Download:   WhereIsIt? Version 2 Language Pack
 langpack2.exe, 845 kB, June 28th 2000, self-extract
Download Sites:   WhereIsIt Main Site (http)

Download:   WhereIsIt? Version 1 Language Pack
 langpack1.exe, 590 KB, January 26th 1999, self-extract
Download Sites:   WhereIsIt Main Site (http)

Legacy Help Files

WhereIsIt can have more than one help file installed with the program to support multiple languages. Program can switch the active help file together with language setting in the program, without the need to restart the program. Listed below are all currently available translations of WhereIsIt's 2.xx help file. Please note that English language file is used by default and is already included with the program.

Most of the help files listed here were prepared by volunteers, not by professionals. Each translation's author takes full credits as well as full responsibilities for the quality and usability of his/hers help file. Consider these help files as third-party add-ons, while the only officially supported language in the program remains to be English.

New translations for WhereIsIt 2.xx help files are no longer accepted, this version has become outdated. Please consider translating newer version 3.xx help file instead.

Help file File Size Version Translated by Release date
Chinese (simplified) 273 kB 2.10 Helphand Studio (China) August 13th 1999
Chinese (traditional) 271 kB 2.12 Datatronics Inc. August 27th 1999
English 214 kB 2.16 Robert Galle January 23rd 2000
French 279 kB 2.15a Alain Claudon January 20th 2000
Slovene 274 kB 2.16 Gregor Fajdiga March 11th 2000

WhereIsIt 2 User Manual

Electronic, printable Quick User Manual for WhereIsIt version 2.xx in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, based on WhereIsIt help file.

Download:   WhereIsIt? Version 2.xx Manual
 manual.zip, English langauge, 210 kB, September 11th 1999, ZIP compressed
Download Sites:   WhereIsIt Main Site (http)

There is a more up-to-date version of manual available for WhereIsIt 3.xx.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print this manual.

WhereIsIt 2 Other Translations

Download:   French Description API 1.0 documentation (specifications, sample)
 DescFrench.exe, French language, 68 kB, March 26th 2000, self-extract
 Translated by Alain Claudon
Download Sites:   WhereIsIt Main Site (http)