Where Is It? Lite

The freeware version of WhereIsIt?, WhereIsIt? Lite is a free catalog reader that can be distributed with your catalogs. It requires no installation and can be run directly from a CD-ROM, or some other media. Unlike the standard shareware version, WhereIsIt Lite is not capable of creating or modifying catalogs in any way. Serving as a catalog browser, it can be used as a front-end to media like CD-ROMs, included with many magazines today, or just an easy way to allow your clients or friends to use and browse your catalogs.

While WhereIsIt? Lite is limited in functionality compared to the shareware edition, it still has all the powerful browsing functions with searching and reporting support found in the full release. Only functionality that would in any way modify catalogs is missing in the Lite release. WhereIsIt Lite as a freeware program also does not impose any of the limitations present in the unregistered shareware edition of the full version.

Note: The main program in development is Where Is It? shareware edition, and the Lite version is not updated nearly as often as the shareware version is. Updates of WhereIsIt? Lite can be expected after a new major release of the shareware version.

Comparing WhereIsIt? Lite to the shareware edition

Download WhereIsIt? Lite 3.95

You can download the freeware WhereIsIt? Lite 3.95 from the Download Page. A small sample catalog is included with WhereIsIt? Lite.