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Large catalog files support in version 2012

Version 2012 introduces support for operating with very large catalog files, over 2GB in size. While the file size limitation is no longer an issue and large catalogs can be read and written, note that 2GB limitation was very high to begin with. Creating such large catalogs indicates inproper use and likely heavy abuse of thumbnails, and indicates a different approach should be considered.
Other changes include several performance improvements in different areas, as well as updated plugins.

WhereIsIt? 2010.318 improves scanning troubleshooting ( 19 Mar 2010 )

Version 2010.319 brings major improvements in terms of media scanning troubleshooting. Introduction of safe mode scanning, detailed scanning status information, and ability to abort plugins and skip archive file processing add robustness to media cataloging. Other improvements include performance optimizations, added slideshow support in internal viewer, and several minor fixes.

WhereIsIt? 2009 released ( 4 Dec 2009 )

The new WhereIsIt? 2009 is now released to general public and replaces previous 3.xx versions. Upgrade to WhereIsIt? 2009 is free for currently registered users, same licenses are valid in both 3.97 and new 2009 versions.
Web site has been updated and redesigned a bit to support version 2009, there are new screenshots based on version 2009, and download page has been tidied up. All version 3 downloads including version 3.97 are still available on the Legacy Downloads page.

Where Is It? 2009 enters public beta ( 10 Nov 2009 )

Where Is It? 2009, the next major shareware version is now publicly available for testing as Beta 1. Featuring a new, context-sensitive, ribbon-based user interface with large, high quality icons, WhereIsIt is easier and faster to use than ever, and blends right in with modern Windows operating systems like Windows 7. New version also comes with several other enhancements and improved plugins.

As implementing new user interface required some fundamental, large scale changes in the core of the program, beta testing period would be prudent to ensure proper functionality of all modified parts. Note that this beta version should only be used for testing or as preview, and is not yet supported; use this version on your own risk. If you find any problems, you are welcome to submit a bug report.

Starting with this release, shareware release now uses a new versioning system. Since version 4.00 has been released as a custom developed version more than six years ago and has been developing separately, all shareware versions will be marked with current year and build number.

Version 3.97 with new TV series plugin ( 4 Jun 2009 )

A major addition in version 3.97 is the new TheTVDB TV Series runtime plugin. Similar to and complementing the IMDB plugin, TheTVDB plugin downloads information about both TV series and individual episodes from the open database. As for other changes, native UDF file system support within ISO images file has been implemented, rounding up ISO images support. Search expressions are now a bit easier to edit, several plugins have been upgraded, a few user interface improvements, and an odd fix here and there.

WhereIsIt 3.96 released ( 3 Feb 2009 )

Reduced catalog size; carousel support; simplified plugins management; support for Unicode ZIP files; better searching; improvements to several major plugins, most notably IMDB one - that's in a nutshell why upgrade from 3.95 to the latest version 3.96.

Version 3.95: Improved runtime plugins, network support, and carousel devices ( 23 Dec 2008 )

Version 3.95 offers new possibilities with runtime plugins, allowing them to process multiple items at once. Existing plugins have already been adapted, most notably the IMDB plugin. Also improved is support for scanning network disks, with new user interface and Unicode network resources, as well as some other minor adjustments and fixes.
Build 3.95.1223 adds support for Dacal/Ziotek carousel CD/DVD storage devices. The CD/DVD carousel device enables you to store all your disks in a jukebox system, saving space and keeping them organized and readily accessible. WhereIsIt is able to communicate with carousel device and will locate and eject the appropriate disk for you when needed.
Build 3.95.1312 adds IMDB plugin the ability to run other description plugins and include their result, as well as several other enhancements.

Version 3.94 supports ISO image files ( 19 Sep 2008 )

WhereIsIt 3.94 has several new additions, starting with support for ISO 9660 image files in several file formats as archives, and providing a description plugin for ISO files themselves. User interface improvements include optional films strips around thumbnails of known video files, and image panning support in the internal viewer. Under the hood, new optimized memory manager provides up to 20% faster search operations, and a collection of other minor fixes and improvements.

WhereIsIt Lite updated to the latest version ( 10 Jul 2008 )

The freeware version of WhereIsIt, WhereIsIt Lite has been updated to match the current latest shareware version, 3.93. Lite version now supports all the same functionality as the latest shareware version, including Unicode catalogs and the latest user interface.
WhereIsIt? Lite is a free catalog reader that can be distributed with your catalogs and requires no installation. Lite version does not include functionality to create or modify catalog files.

WhereIsIt 3.93 is portable ( 18 Jun 2008 )

The latest version of WhereIsIt 3.93 has a new capability, it can store its settings either in Windows registry, or in separate configuration files. Automatic selection of the appropriate mode together with some other changes opens the door for using the program as a portable software, without having to be installed, but run from media like USB keys and CD-ROMs. WhereIsIt is now also downloadable without installation program just for such cases.
Other changes in this version are improved File Management functions, improved drag&drop support between different catalogs, and several new plugins, covering Microsoft's XPS document file format and different kinds of gadgets and widgets.

Changed ordering process ( 26 Apr 2008 )

A new, easier to use, and more versatile ordering procedure is now available. All orders, regardless of payment type or method, are collected on this web site, through a new online order form guiding you through the process. Base price and ordering conditions remain unchanged. Several different payment options are available, including all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, personal check and cash payments, as well as newly introduced FX Source, simple international bank account payments.
Ordering documentation and web site have changed accordingly to address the new ordering process, and there is a new Ordering Questions and Answers section available. At the same time, a new WhereIsIt build 3.92.426 has been released, with new ordering documentation and a few other minor changes.

New Search window modes in version 3.92 ( 14 Mar 2008 )

Version 3.92 is a minor update with most notable enhancements done to the Search window. The rest of changes include improved Unicode support under certain system locales, and some general minor tweaking.

Changed downloadable distribution format ( 20 Feb 2008 )

As of build 3.91.220, shareware version of WhereIsIt is no longer being distributed compressed in a ZIP package. Executable installer is now directly downloadable, digitally signed for authencity, and can be executed and installed right from the link on the web site. ZIP package is still available for compatibility and existing external links on other web sites.

Minor service release 3.91 ( 18 Jan 2008 )

Version 3.91 is a minor service release, improving on robustness of the internal viewer, combining all of the minor fixes and improvements in various parts of the program, and packing the latest versions of various plugins, modified in the last few weeks.

Unicode WhereIsIt 3.90 goes out of beta ( 8 Dec 2007 )

Version 3.90 with Unicode support is now released as final. Since last beta 2 version, several new commonly asked for features have been added in this release, including diactric insensitive searching, and smart sorting of alphanumeric file names. More details are available in release notes.

Support and orders temporarily unavailable ( 20 Dec 2007 )

All support and online orders for the shareware version of WhereIsIt will be temporarily unavailable between December 22nd 2007 and December 29th 2007, inclusively. It will not be possible to place orders for WhereIsIt online during that time, and support email addresses will not be available. Orders that might already be sent by using slower methods, such as sending checks by mail or using wire transfers, and would arrive on or after December 22nd, will be processed on December 30th.
Normal service for the shareware version will be resumed on December 30th 2007.

New beta release with Unicode support ( 9 Oct 2007 )

As has been the case in custom developed versions for years, public shareware version is now Unicode compliant as well. Unicode support is a major addition in new version 3.90, currently released as beta version, and one that has required heavy adaptations throughout the 800.000+ lines of code. Even now with Unicode support, existing catalogs are still compatible with new version, and program still runs on non-Unicode operating systems, like Windows 9x/ME. More details are available in release notes.

Version 3.84 ( 3 Jul 2007 )

Version 3.84 has a completely new Properties dialog, and changes default locations for catalogs, templates, and other user files to comply with Vista requirements. Also included are some additional Windows Vista specific enhancements, updated IMDB plugin, improved NTFS handling, and many other minor tweaks.

Maintenance release 3.83 ( 21 Feb 2007 )

Version 3.83 concentrates on touching up user interface and fine tunes core engine, fixing several small memory leaks and other minor problems throughout the program and plugins.

High DPI support in Windows Vista ( 17 Jan 2007 )

As of version 3.82, WhereIsIt has native High DPI support under Windows Vista, thus being prepared for the next generation of high-quality video displays. Other changes include new, more versatile View Mode control, additional fine tuning for Windows Vista, updated plugins, and further UI updates.

User interface polishing, version 3.81 ( 26 Dec 2006 )

As a minor update, version 3.81 focuses on polishing user interface and adds several minor enhancements, such as new breadcrumb navigation control in the main window.

Windows Vista support in version 3.80 ( 26 Nov 2006 )

Shareware version of WhereIsIt went through a considerable facelift both internally and externally, and added support for Windows Vista. There are lots of new and improved icons, controls in all dialogs were rearranged with more space and consistent spacing, and thumbnails view mode got a new design, to name just a few. Program's appearance will take on Vista visual styles when running on Windows Vista, including new Open/Save dialogs, Explorer-style controls, and full Aero glass support. Additionally, there were a lot of changes under the hood, most required for properly supporting new Vista functions like Flip3D and high DPI settings.

Maintenance release 3.75 ( 11 Oct 2006 )

A maintenance release 3.75 is available for registered users, fixing several minor issues as well as improving on visual appearance and performance.

Locate in Catalog toolbar introduced in version 3.74 ( 4 Sep 2006 )

An update for registered users introduces a new Locate in Catalog toolbar for quickly locating a specific item in catalog without having to open the Search dialog, and adds support for regular expressions when searching by names or descriptions.

User interface updated in version 3.73 ( 1 May 2006 )

Changes in this release are concentrating on updating program's visual appearance and usability of user interface throughout the program. Most of the visual enhancements presented are a smaller part of what is being used in custom developed client versions for quite some time.

Maintenance release 3.72 ( 27 Mar 2006 )

Version 3.72 includes minor updates for Windows Vista compatibility and ClearType support, features changes to the scanning engine for better performace and reliability, and fixes default settings used when updating disk images from script files.

Larger thumbnails in version 3.71 ( 15 Jan 2006 )

Shareware version 3.71 is available for registered users, allowing for larger thumbnails in catalogs, easier access to plugins related settings, and some minor other improvements.

Minor upgrade for the shareware version, 3.70 ( 9 Sep 2005 )

Version 3.70 makes disk numbers more versatile as it allows them to be alphanumerical. Other changes include dozens of other minor improvements and adjustments in various parts of the program, as well as several updated plugins.

Shareware version update 3.69 ( 9 Sep 2005 )

A minor update 3.69 for the shareware version has been released, adding automatic view mode switching, new and updated plugins, and some other adjustments.

Maintenance update 3.68 ( 10 Jul 2005 )

Maintenance release 3.68 is available for registered users.

Regular maintenance update 3.67 ( 5 Jun 2005 )

Update for registered users, a regular maintenance release 3.67 combines the latest plugins and provides a couple of fixes.

Maintenance release 3.66 ( 4 Mar 2005 )

Version 3.66 is a maintenance release for registered users, addressing some specific cases and improving on general stability and handling of marginal cases.

Version 3.65 ( 6 Jan 2005 )

A minor update 3.65 features improvements in the internal viewer, a few additional cosmetical enhancements to the program, and adjusted or optimized plugins. Some users with newer Intel P4 processors may welcome a workaround for improved stability on their systems.

User interface enhanced version 3.64 ( 21 Dec 2004 )

The main change visible on the first sight are new, hi-color images in toolbar buttons, menus, and some other controls. Behind the scenes related optimizations resulted in about 25% lower system GDI resources consumption on startup. Other changes include optional items coloring in reports, and a few enhanced plugins.

Maintenance release 3.63 ( 2 Dec 2004 )

A service release for registered users, with some additional new features such as page thumbnails view in the report generator preview. Also included in the setup package are the latest versions of all main plugins.

Support and ordering unavailable between October 5th and 20th 2004 ( 30 Sep 2004 )

All support and online orders for the shareware version of WhereIsIt will be temporarily unavailable between October 5th 2004 and October 20th 2004, inclusively. It will not be possible to place orders for WhereIsIt online during that time, and support email addresses will be on autoresponders only. Orders that might be sent already by using slower methods, such as sending checks by mail or using wire transfers, and would arrive on or after October 5th, will be processed on October 21st.
Normal service for the shareware version will be resumed on October 21st 2004.

Version 3.62 ( 20 Aug 2004 )

A regular maintenance version 3.62 adds two new supported archive file types, ability to enlarge thumbnail shown in the description window, updated JPEG support and dcraw plugin, and one bug fix.

Minor upgrade, version 3.61 ( 5 Jul 2004 )

Version 3.61 includes new and updated plugins, redesigned Catalog Setup dialog with additional options, support for whole words searching, and lots of other minor adjustments to the user interface and functionality.

Improved digital camera support in version 3.60 ( 21 May 2004 )

A new thumbnails plugin was added in version 3.60, providing support for decoding raw photos from 109 digital camera models. Most other changes and improvements are related to working with network drives, or a part of regular maintenance.

Version 3.59 ( 27 Apr 2004 )

Version 3.59 includes minor usability improvements, such as being able to assign categories, flags and user locations directly from item lists, alias name editing in search results list and user list, extended Ogg Media plugin with OGM support, changed Ctrl+A shortcut assignment, and other minor changes.

As of May 1st 2004, the day of EU expansion, all orders placed for WhereIsIt within EU by non-corporate customers will have to be charged Value Added Tax (VAT), to be added to the regular price. Prices will not change for non-EU customers and corporate EU customers providing VAT ID, as no VAT will be charged. If you live in the EU or in one of the new member countries, and you are planning on purchasing WhereIsIt, you have about a week left to save some 20%.

Maintenance release 3.58 ( 26 Mar 2004 )

Version 3.58 is mostly a maintenance release, with one new plugin available.

WhereIsIt 3.57 ( 18 Feb 2004 )

Most notable changes in version 3.57 are improved Disk Lending Editor, user-changeable media types in catalog, and enhanced description editing control with auto URL detection, multilevel undo/redo etc. As usual, version 3.57 bundles the latest versions of all plugins released separately since the last WhereIsIt version.

Enhanced internal viewer in version 3.56 ( 21 Jan 2004 )

Most notable improvements in version 3.56 have to do with internal viewer, now equipped with background image resampling support for better quality, and additional keyboard and mouse navigation keys. Other changes include processing compare results, handling recordable CD and DVD media, and a few updated plugins.

Version 3.55 ( 15 Dec 2003 )

The latest addition to the shareware version includes CD media type recognition, tweaks script files processing and adds two additional commands, bundles the latest pack of plugins, and fixes two known problems.
Build 3.55.1231 fixes one minor bug and bundles the latest versions of standard plugins, including enhanced audio plugin with *.AAC support, new Monkey's Audio plugin, updated Ogg Vorbis plugin (ID3 support) and MPEG-4 plugin (*.M4A, *.M4V support), new Nikon NEF Raw files description and thumbnail plugins, optimized IMDB plugin for less user interaction, and renewed and optimized configuration dialogs for many plugins.

New AVI Video Files plugin ( 5 Dec 2003 )

A new AVI Video Files description plugin has been added to the main plugins module. The new plugin analyzes AVI files and generates basic technical information such as resolution, play time, fps, bitrate, quality etc., and includes a database of 600+ known A/V codecs. Additionally, three different tagging formats are supported (standard AVI movie identifier, extended INFO tags by abcAVI Tag Editor, and IDIVX tags), providing additional information about video files, such as title, director, casting, rating etc. Of course, details to be included in .AVI file's description are configurable.

Support and ordering unavailable between November 1st and 18th 2003 ( 27 Oct 2003 )

Due to a scheduled trip without access to computers or Internet, all support and online orders for the shareware version of WhereIsIt will be temporarily unavailable between November 1st 2003 and November 18th 2003, inclusively. It will not be possible to place orders for WhereIsIt online during that time, and support email addresses will be on autoresponders only. Orders that might be sent already by using slower methods, such as sending checks by mail or using wire transfers, and would arrive after November 1st will be processed on November 19th.
Normal service will be resumed on November 19th 2003.

Maintenance release 3.54 ( 14 Oct 2003 )

Version 3.54 is a minor maintenance update, with a couple small improvements.

Minor new version 3.53 ( 21 Sep 2003 )

Version 3.53 includes improved compressed archive file support and report generator templates, as well as some other minor changes.

Maintenance version 3.52 ( 2 Sep 2003 )

Minor maintenance release, with some new or improved plugins, extended searching by categories, and added a few minor features.

Maintenance version 3.51 ( 23 Jun 2003 )

Version 3.51 is a regular maintenance release, combining all changes from previous 3.50 builds and bundling the latest versions of plugins. This release also adds support for Windows 2003 among other minor new features, and fixes a couple of problems.

Improved plugins, including digital camera support ( 9 Jun 2003 )

Some of the graphics description plugins available in the DescGraphics module have been updated and enhanced, most notably plugins which handle EXIF (digital camera data) and IPTC record information. The latter two are now extended with additional details and offer customizable imported text. Also updated is OFDb support in the IMDB plugin, adjusting for changes on OFDb web site.

A new version 3.50 build, and a new runtime plugin ( 14 May 2003 )

Version 3.50 build 514 is a regular maintenance release, it adds an enhancement or two, and fixes a few minor problems confirmed in the last couple of weeks. Also bundled with build 514 is a new runtime plugin, a simple video player with ability to extract video frames and assign them as thumbnails to video files.

Minor update to version 3.50 ( 22 Apr 2003 )

A new build of WhereIsIt 3.50 has replaced the previous one available for download. The new build 422 includes updated Description API 2.20 documentation in HTMLHelp format, and one new runtime plugin allowing to manually import any picture as a thumbnail for any cataloged file or folder. Other changes to the program itself are minimal.

WhereIsIt 3.50 and WhereIsIt Lite 3.50 ( 8 Apr 2003 )

The shareware version of WhereIsIt 3.50 has completed development stage and is now available for upgrade to all registered users. At the same time, the freeware version WhereIsIt Lite has been updated to 3.50 code base, and is also available for download. Some additional technical documentation such as DescAPI is being updated and converted to HTMLHelp, and will be made available later on.
Most of future development on the shareware version will be focused on regular maintenance, and adding or improving plugins. The first ones in line are some more digital camera thumbnail plugins, and improved EXIF support in existing plugins.

WhereIsIt 3.50 Release Candidate ( 18 Mar 2003 )

With 3.50 Release Candidate version out, adding new features and enhancements is stopped for this version. Any changes to the final release will include last bug fixes, if necessary, and documentation updates. At this time, freeware version WhereIsIt 3.50 Lite is under construction, to be released together with final version 3.50.

WhereIsIt 3.50 beta 3 available ( 21 Feb 2003 )

Not much new in this beta release, a few minor functional improvements, fine tuning certain parts of the program on user feedback, and a couple of fixes, as it becomes for a beta version. Some enhancements to plugins were available separately before beta 3, and are included in the package as well. The next version is planned to be a release candidate.

Version 3.50 second beta with IMDB plugin ( 6 Feb 2003 )

Apart from fixes and adjustments expected in beta versions, WhereIsIt 3.50 Beta 2 puts new runtime plugins to practical use, introducing the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) plugin. Unlike other plugins, IMDB plugin is run manually from menu, and imports details and cover pictures about cataloged movies from IMDB database on the Internet. Most of other changes are fixes from beta 1 release.

Version 3.50 beta 1 ( 19 Jan 2003 )

The first beta version 3.50 is now available for download. It was questionable for quite some time whether to continue working on shareware versions at all, considering the general breakdown of the shareware concept. Version 3.50 is still available as shareware, but there will be less priority assigned to it. As has been the case over the last few months, mainstream development will go into custom developed versions for known customers. Most of the attention to shareware edition will be directed to maintenance and keeping the software properly functional. Shareware versions are still supported, but new shareware releases will be further apart as they used to be in the past years.

Version 3.50 is a fairly major release features wise, including enhanced internal viewer, disk lending support, new interactive plugins type and ability to manually import descriptions, improved comparing and searching, rewritten templates-based HTML exports, and many more. While WhereIsIt 3.50 is quite a step up from previously available 3.2x versions, some enhanced features remain reserved for custom-developed versions only, and will not be available as a part of shareware version, including the ASP web server support.

The free license offer for language file translations has been discontinued with this release. Free licenses for translations may still be issued, on case by case bases, primarily for existing translators who would like to extend their licenses to the new versions.

Until new version is confirmed to be stable, version 3.26 remains to be available as the recommended version. After version 3.50 is released as non-beta, the freeware browser-only WhereIsIt Lite edition will be updated to the 3.50 code base.

Announcement for clients of custom developed versions ( 15 Sep 2002 )

This is a public announcement to all who have applied for custom developed versions of WhereIsIt, based on the generic 3.50 version. Development of the base version is estimated to be completed in early October, at which time work on customized versions will commence.

Those of you who didn't yet sign a contract, only the letter of intention, please start preparing the specifications as detailed in the Appendix A of the documentation accompanying our agreement. If you would prefer to have a working copy of the v3.50 base application available before preparing and committing to details, there will be a demo version available for download shortly after development completes. Limitations to the number of actually signed development contracts (see section IV.) WILL apply, in the first few weeks priority will be given to those choosing only subset of existing functionality instead of opting for additional one. Companies looking to distribute or sell their custom versions beyond their regular clients will be excluded at this time. You will be notified by email when further information is available.

If you have already signed development contract for version 3.50, you will be contacted by email shortly with all details. Specifications for your custom version will remain open for minor adjustments for one week after demo version becomes available. After that period specifications will be locked. Please note that with changed development details pricing and delivery schedule may change accordingly, and will be addressed in an annex to the contract.

Until further notice, I will not be accepting new contracts for custom developed versions, at least until most of the current ones aren't completed. If you are interested in custom developed version of WhereIsIt, please check back here at later time. An e-mail autoresponder will be set up later to provide more detailed information on time scheduling, as it becomes available.

Version 3.26 released, information about version 3.50 ( 10 Jun 2002 )

Version 3.26 is released, summing up all minor updates and enhancements that have accumulated since February, and introducing three new plugins handling Adobe Illustrator (*.AI) files, and Canon EOS digital camera raw files (*.CRW).

Some preliminary information about new version 3.50 is now available, together with a short address on why version 3.50 will not be released to public.

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