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Regular maintenance release 3.25 ( 10 Feb 2002 )

Just another regular maintenance release, gathering all minor adjustments, optimizations and improvements from the last few weeks, mostly transferred over from version 3.50 development. This is probably one of the last releases in the 3.2x series.

Version 3.24, a minor upgrade ( 12 Jan 2002 )

As the main development is directed to the new 3.50 version for some time now (release Q2 2002), additions to existing versions are limited to minor enhancements and regular maintenance. The 3.24 release contains a set of minor improvements and adjustments, including a new thumbnails plugin, improving on audio CD support, etc. Nothing major, upgrade is optional.

Bug fix release 3.23 ( 24 Dec 2001 )

Version 3.23 is a bug fix release. One of the enhancements introduced in version 3.22, catalog recovery record, was also causing a header corruption in some password protected catalogs, rendering them unreadable in the program. Apart from fixing the issue, version 3.23 also contains recovery capabilities, allowing to read and properly save such catalogs. Also addressed are two problems with exporting reports, mostly related to exporting to XML format.

Minor service release 3.22, work begins on the next major version ( 12 Dec 2001 )

Version 3.22 is a minor maintenance release, primarily concentrating on improving catalog file integrity and recovery capabilities. There may be a few more such minor releases in the next few months, and perhaps a new added plugin or two.
In the meantime, the next major version 3.50 has started development. The whole WhereIsIt project is just completing transfer to the latest Delphi 6, which will serve as the development environment for the next version. As this will be a major release, it will also include new features that are currently on hold, since they require changing user interface and language files. More details on the upcoming version 3.50 will be made available at later time, for now I will just mention two out of many planned enhancements: adding ability to compare two cataloged disk images, and using custom templates for exporting to HTML format. Version 3.50 is planned for release in March or April next year.

Version 3.21 and the new help file ( 18 Nov 2001 )

The new HTML help file has finally been completed over the last two weeks, and has now replaced the old help file in this release. While the old help files and translations still continue to work, all new help file development will be in HTML help format from now on.
Apart from the redesigned help file, version 3.21 brings a few minor enhancements, addresses a couple of known issues, and is as such a minor upgrade only. If you have a lot of cataloged archive files with stored paths, though, you may want to check out changed handling and presentation of such files, with path part removed from file names and appended to file's location path.

WhereIsIt 3.20 released as final ( 1 Nov 2001 )

Following the feedback from beta testers and other users, confirming that beta 3 fixes known problems from previous beta versions, version 3.20 has now cleared the beta status and is available for public use. The download package also includes the latest versions of all main plugin modules.
Finishing new HTML help file is now the next primary goal, and there will likely be a few minor releases in the next weeks, featuring cosmetical and other minor enhancements to the program.

Version 3.20 beta 3 - fine tuning ( 27 Oct 2001 )

Just to be on the safe side, the third beta version is being released as well. While beta 2 was working great for most users, there were a few reports about randomly occurring problems during media scanning on some systems only. Beta 3 should confirm if those issues are now solved. In the meantime, this gives me a change to throw in a few additional enhancements as well, and address some other details that have turned out since the previous beta.
Assuming that beta 3 will be confirmed as stable on those few renegade systems, too, the final 3.20 release will follow shortly.

Version 3.20 beta 2 is available ( 7 Oct 2001 )

The second beta release addresses known problems of the previous release, and adds a new feature or two. Fixed are GPF problems when running on Windows XP with classic user interface, while most of the other changes are related to exporting reports. This is expected to be the last 3.20 beta release.

WhereIsIt 3.20 beta 1 released to public beta testing ( 30 Sep 2001 )

The latest WhereIsIt 3.20 release is now available to wider audience; as the new features have required a couple of major interventions in the program, it is released as a beta version first. Please restrain from using this version unless you are comfortable working with beta version software. The new version was most eagerly awaited among fans of the Windows XP's new user interface, but other improvements haven't gone unnoticed either by the first group of test users, such as additional targets for exporting reports, optimized processing of archive files, and extended DescAPI with new plugin types. Language file updates are not necessary with this version, as it was designed to minimize translatable user interface changes. Unless there will be any major events during the beta testing, the final version should follow in a week or two.

As for the future plans, there will be a series of minor releases following version 3.20, concentrating primarily on user interface improvements that would take too long to complete for the current release. All icons, button and menu glyphs are scheduled to be updated using more than current 16 colors, and a new HTML help file still continues to be prepared, based on an easier to use and more up to date design. Stick around, there will be plenty more going on with WhereIsIt.

Preliminary details about WhereIsIt 3.20 revealed ( 30 Aug 2001 )

Some details about the more notable new functions and improvements in the upcoming version 3.20 have been published on the development history page. Note that this list is quite basic and incomplete as it is, and will likely change a lot until the actual release. Nevertheless, features listed so far are mostly completed or nearing completition. Version 3.20 is expected to be made available for general public at the end of September.

New and Improved Plugins ( 6 Aug 2001 )

A new version of the Main Description Plugins module has been released, including a new Vorbis Ogg plugin, handling .ogg audio files. For those of you who don't know what Vorbis Ogg is, it's an open, free and unpatented audio format that rivals well known MP3, offering a better quality in less space. The new plugin for .ogg files works very similarly to the MP3 plugin, too.
Other improvements include a new option for automatic assignment of alias names to MP3 and Vorbis Ogg files, based on "Author - Title" format, stereo type detection in MP3 plugin is now more detailed, Adobe Acrobat plugin has been revised to more reliably recognize encrypted PDF documents, and a few more other minor changes.

Experiencing the Experience ( 25 Jul 2001 )

So, what's going on with WhereIsIt since releasing version 3.11? WhereIsIt is in the process of being tested and updated for proper Windows XP compatibility, including support for 32-bit icons and the new themed user interface. As expected, most issues with Windows XP are cosmetical only and related to new user interface enhancements, although changes required to support new WinXP UI are not that trivial at all, and will take some time and effort to implement. Apart from a few cosmetical issues, there is nothing going against using WhereIsIt on Windows XP as it is, the existing version 3.11 runs on WinXP RC1 without any notable problems. Do note, however, that Windows XP is not yet among officially supported operating systems at this time.

WhereIsIt@China ( 25 Jul 2001 )

A new third-party WhereIsIt-related site has been recently made available for Chinese users, mirroring the contents of the main site, but translated to the Chinese language. The site can be found at and is maintained and translated by the same author who is already providing Chinese language and help file translations for quite some time. The site is also offering local download locations, and may be the fastest download site for Asia- based users. You can contact the webmaster of the new WhereIsIt@China site at

Keeping up appearances ( 12 Jul 2001 )

Version 3.11 is a minor release, introducing a few non-critical, yet notable improvements such as new visual appearance of menus and brightened dialog buttons, making it easier and more pleasant to work with the program. Version 3.11 also prepares the way for converting help system to the newer HTML help format, scheduled to replace current WinHelp .hlp files in a near future. As a bonus, a new description plugin has been thrown in, handling Windows Media files, such as increasingly popular WMA and ASF files.
The English help file is currently being converted to the HTML help; while I have a functional version based on the old help file up and running, it will take some more time in order to upgrade it properly and take full advantage of all features HTML help can offer, as well as make it as easy as possible for both maintenance and translations.

WhereIsIt 3.10 released for general use ( 2 Jul 2001 )

Version 3.10 has now completed beta testing and is available for general use, replacing the previous version 3.03b. It ships with the latest versions of plugins, including two new ones recently introduced, CorelDraw and AutoCAD thumbnail plugins. Compared to the previous version 3.03b, version 3.10 introduces redesigned and improved compare functions, new thumbnails view mode, much enhanced CDDB support, new capabilities in report generator, and much more.
Now when version 3.10 is out of the way, I have started working on some other little improvements that are not so crucial to program's functionality, but they can make it look better and are also more fun for me to implement. This will be eventually released as version 3.11, more on that later.

Looking for a new web host ( 2 Jul 2001 )

WhereIsIt has had its own domain name for over two years now, and the amount of daily traffic generated has more than quadrupled since. The current web host can no longer provide a satisfactorily solution to handle the traffic on web page hits alone, and I'm in the process of selecting a new web host to hold the site. While there are quite a few solid web hosting companies that are offering a quality service and unlimited bandwidth for web page hits, I'm hoping to find one that would accept downloadable files as well, allowing me to offer the 3.2 MB main program file for download from the main site. Such site would generate about 30-40 GB bandwidth traffic per month, with occasional peaks after new versions being released. Not surprisingly, this appears to be a major turn- off for most hosting companies. If you have any suggestions about suitable web hosts, or you would just like to recommend a good web hosting company with reasonable pricing and solid hosting plans, please let me know at
Alternatively, offers for hosting a download mirror site capable of handling the above traffic are welcome as well. Requirements for the mirror site will be discussed on case by case bases, as they come along.

WhereIsIt? 3.10 beta 2 released ( 23 Jun 2001 )

The second public beta version is now available for download for all beta testers. Beta 1 turned out to be fairly solid overall, and it looks like beta 2 could be the last beta release before the final 3.10 version. The latest beta 2 release includes a revised freedb support, now officially certified by, it has better support for drive types that can change their media type in real-time, and improves on damaged catalogs recovery options.

A public beta version 3.10 is available for download ( 11 Jun 2001 )

A public beta version of the latest new version 3.10 is now available for download for general public. It includes a set of new features, including redesigned compare functions, vastly extended CDDB support, including local CDDB databases and posting, improved report generator, and much more. Full details are available in program's development history section. At this point most of the development is completed, there may only be a few parts of the help file left that still need to be updated for changes the new version. Such issues will be taken care of until the final 3.10 release.
Please note this is an early beta version, do not use for any other purpose than testing or a preview of new features.

Version 3.10 also requires updated language files, as this release was used to implement features that require new dialogs and messages. The English language file is always up to date, of course, and many others will likely follow shortly.

Releasing beta version 3.10 is delayed for about two weeks ( 27 May 2001 )

Releasing the public beta of the new version 3.10 will have to be delayed for about two weeks. I've lost a better part of the last week dealing with hardware problems, including handling data recovery and restoring the system back to a functional state. I'm 99% back on track by now and can proceed with version 3.10. There were also quite a few additional features implemented during the last few weeks that were not originally planned, and this has also attributed to pushing the release date a bit back. The current schedule is to release an early version to a limited number of testers in about 10 days, followed by a public beta version upon receiving a green light. Some of the changes in version 3.10 did require substantinal changes in the existing code, and a proper testing cycle will be required.
To help you wait easier, there was a new thumbnail plugin released a few days back, extracting embedded thumbnails from popular CorelDraw *.CDR files. The new plugin with full Delphi source code is available on the Downloads page.

Another minor release 3.03b before new version 3.10 ( 19 Mar 2001 )

While I have already started to work on the next more notable release 3.10, releasing a small maintenance release 3.03b should help things running smoothly until then. It fixes a few bugs located and confirmed so far, as well as adds one new feature originally planned for 3.10, support for .bz2 and derived archive files.
Version 3.10 is planned to include a lot more notable changes, but it will likely take a bit longer to prepare and release. It is scheduled to become available in May 2001.

Changes in CDDB support ( 10 Mar 2001 )

All WhereIsIt users who have been trying to use the CDDB plugin during the last 24 hours have noticed the CDDB service is no longer available for WhereIsIt users. Gracenote, who runs the service has turned commercial, charging developers for their applications to be able to continue using CDDB service from this provider. Their license fees start at $9.500 USD, for a limited number of users... WhereIsIt will no longer be using CDDB service provided by Gracenote.

There is a free CDDB alternative available from which is recommended to be used by all WhereIsIt users. It works exactly the same as, and it is completely free for all. Their service is newer and database about half the size of ( contains about 300.000 albums at this time), but growing rapidly. WhereIsIt is joining the effort to support service. also offers their complete CDDB database (about 80 MB zipped) for download, with regular updates, which makes it available for offline browsing (this way, you don't have to be connected to the Internet when making a CDDB query). Support for offline CDDB queries through freedb's database will be implemented in WhereIsIt's CDDB plugin in a near future.

In order to use the CDDB server instead of, enter the following address for CDDB server in WhereIsIt's CDDB plugin settings: "". Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Main Description Plugins module v3.14, which contains an updated CDDB plugin, set to use database by default instead of

Audio CD-Text Plugin ( 9 Mar 2001 )

A new, high-in-demand Audio CD-Text plugin has been released and is now available for download. The new plugin extends support for audio CD disks by importing CD Text information written on the CD media itself, containing details like disk name and artist, disk ID, and title/performer info for each track on the CD, as well as some less common details. More information about Audio CD Text plugin is included in the documentation accompanying the plugin.

WhereIsIt 3.03 ( 4 Mar 2001 )

Version 3.03 has just been made available for download, falling in the category of regular, scheduled minor releases. This version brings in some new features, including new plugins debugging mode, improved catalog updating for file management operations, and improved performance on processing .tar.gz archives. On common suggestions new file CRC columns have been made available on the main three lists. CRCs are now also accessible in file's Properties dialog, and are available in Report Generator for printing and exporting. Of course, version 3.03 also packs currently the latest versions of description and thumbnail plugins, otherwise already available for about a week or two as separate upgrades.

There have been some new developments recently in translations area as well, users in China and Slovenia will be happy to hear there are now translated help files for WhereIsIt 3.xx available in Simplified Chinese and Slovene language. Big thanks go to HelpHand Studio China and Gregor Fajdiga for volunteering to take on the notable task of translating nearly 750 KB of text.

I'm currently working on a new CD Text plugin, allowing to read and import track titles, performers and other related data from audio CDs that support CD Text. With any luck there should be a public beta of this plugin available in the next week.

The Third Generation WhereIsIt Lite ( 17 Feb 2001 )

WhereIsIt Lite, a freeware catalog browser has been updated for version 3 compatibility and is now available for download. As version number indicates, WhereIsIt Lite 3.02 is based on WhereIsIt 3.02 functionality, limited to allow using browsing catalogs but without any capabilities to create or modifiy them. WhereIsIt Lite is free to use and distribute together with your catalogs, allowing other users who are not yet WhereIsIt users themselves to browse your collections.

WhereIsIt 3.02 is available ( 2 Feb 2001 )

WhereIsIt 3.02 is now available for download. This version is a regular maintenance release, introducing some enhancements like processing nested .tar.gz archives, improved plugins and some other details in the program, as well as fixing a few problems, including a workaround in the WMF thumbnails plugin that was likely responsible for some scanning problems. While this is a minor release only, it is a recommended upgrade for all users.
The new WhereIsIt Lite 3.00 is currently under construction and is expected to be released within two weeks.

WhereIsIt 3.01 Released ( 30 Dec 2000 )

WhereIsIt 3.01 is now released as the first service release. It addresses some problems in the new 3.00 release reported and confirmed so far, adds some minor new functions, and improves on speed in certain areas, like loading large catalogs. Version 3 is still a fairly new release and there will be a couple more such minor releases in coming weeks and months, improving on details as they come along.

New home page design ( 19 Dec 2000 )

As you can see, WhereIsIt has a newly designed web site, improving on just about every area over the old one. Site contents is now better organized and linked, you should have no problems finding what you are looking for. A couple of long pages have been broken apart, resulting in faster load times in most often visited areas, and there are some new features as well, such as public user forum for WhereIsIt, site search engine, extended support area with FAQ and support request forms, and more. Besides, it looks much better, too. It's been fun playing with HTML and JavaScript for a change, I hope you like the new site as much as I've enjoyed making it. IE 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+ are recommended for viewing, although older browsers should work reasonably well as well.
WhereIsIt 3.01 service release will follow in a couple of days.

The upcoming service release and new web site ( 29 Nov 2000 )

There has been a series of minor changes and improvements in the new WhereIsIt 3.00 over the last two weeks, that will in time result in a service release 3.01. I've finally managed to get through about 800 e-mails that have piled up during my week of absence, and most of changes are the result of your user feedback. Some preliminary details about features implemented so far are available on the What's New page, mostly they consist of performance tune-ups, some minor new features and a few fixes.

I'm still looking into a few reports for confirmation at this point. Chances are that there may be some files, presumably mostly graphics ones, that new plugins can't handle properly and cause problems during media scanning. While encountering them is a quite rare experience, if you happen to have or know of one or more such files, please contact me for details on how to provide me a sample. The obvious workaround in encountering such problem is to temporary turn off the appropriate plugin.

On the other news, the new web site is coming along nicely, as far as time allows. The conceptual design and page distribution is completed by now, it should be a lot easier to navigate and find your way around. I'm currently in the process of rendering graphics elements required, then I can start putting things together. I'm planning to have the new web site online by mid-December.

Version 3.00 completed ( 10 Nov 2000 )

After a year and a half of development, version 3.00 is now completed and released to general public. As always, this is just the beginning, a series of other minor releases with additional improvements, optimizations and new plugins is likely to follow in the next months, however the first immediate task right now is to complete and publish the new web site design with easier navigation and better organization.
Please note once again I will not be available for a week, your messages and new orders will be handled after November 19th when I get back from Comdex Fall/2000 in Las Vegas, USA.

No user support for a week ( 2 Nov 2000 )

As I will be attending the Comdex/Fall 2000 in Las Vegas, USA, there will be no user support from November 11th to November 19th. Support email addresses will be on auto-responders during that time.
For all of you who would like to place orders during that week, you can still do so as both ShareIt! and DigiBuy will continue to accept orders, however your licenses will not be shipped out until I get back. If that's a problem, you can place your order before November 11th, or wait for another week - your license is just the same in any case.

I apologize in advance for any inconveniences, however please note that this is the one and only week in a year that at least resembles some kind of vacation for me, although it will be mostly business-oriented.

WhereIsIt 3.00 - Wrapping it up ( 2 Nov 2000 )

The new version 3 is more or less completed. WhereIsIt 3.00 is now released as a Release Candidate version, the last one I'm putting out before the D-Day, November 10th. All documentation, including the updated help file is now included with this release. There will be no more changes or new features in version 3.00, except possible minor adjustments during the final testing in the next week.

The multi-language support is also back online, and all of you who are waiting for a green light to start translating, here you have it. If you will be using existing language files as a base, don't forget to open and save them in the internal language editor first, in order to get them properly updated. As before, it is highly recommended to apply for your translation first, to avoid someone else working on the same translation as you are. If you are new to translating WhereIsIt, you can find some guidelines in the help file (Technical Information / Translating the program).
Exclusively for users in Slovenia, the Slovene language file has already been prepared.

After I get back from Comdex, there will be some additional changes I have been planning for some time now, but didn't get the time to see them through - starting with a complete redesign of this web site. It's been the same for almost two years now, and it could use some changes as it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate with all the information and available downloads piling up. Also on schedule are WhereIsIt Lite 3.0, the new WhereIsIt Manual for WhereIsIt 3.00 (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format), and a new plugin or two - I'm looking into CD-TEXT support, for example. Stay tuned, there will be plenty going on even after version 3.00 is released as final.

The last 3.00 beta version ( 20 Oct 2000 )

WhereIsIt 3.00 Beta 5 is now available for download. This is the last beta release that also fixes all known and confirmed problems so far. While there are likely to be some additional changes until the final release, no more additional beta releases are planned.

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 4 ( 9 Oct 2000 )

One of the last 3.00 beta versions is now available for download. There may be one more beta release in order to confirm the last few remaining known issues being fixed, however most of the work is now directed to completing the new help file and similar associated tasks. The multilanguage support will remain to be disabled until the final release, as this also allows me to put it some last minute user interface improvements where necessary.
The final release 3.00 is scheduled for release on November 10th, 2000.

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 3 available for beta testers ( 11 Sep 2000 )

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 3 is now available for download for beta testing. The last more notable new feature in version 3, managing user lists, is now enabled in this version. Beta testers should find this release to be more stable than early betas so far - problems can still be expected, however they are likely to be limited to specific system configuration, or certain type of data used. As such problems will often turn out to be difficult to repeat and confirm, it is even more important to follow instructions in the BugReport.txt and include appropriate relevant details when reporting a problem.

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 2 released ( 23 Aug 2000 )

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 2 has been released, addressing all known and confirmed problems from the first beta, as well as adding some new or improved functionality.

Known issues in WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 1 ( 16 Aug 2000 )

For all of your who are testing the new WhereIsIt 3.00 beta, there is now a list of all currently known issues available for your reference. This list will be updated on regular bases, daily if necessary. Please consult this list to check if the problem is already known or fixed before sending your problem report.
Also, before sending your report, please read the "BugReport.txt" file for guidelines on how to send your bug reports, and what kind of information to include in order for your report to be of help with resolving the issue. The "BugReport.txt" file is installed together with WhereIsIt 3.00 beta, and is also accessible through a shortcut in program's group.

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 1 is released ( 15 Aug 2000 )

WhereIsIt 3.00 beta 1 is now available for download.

New price and changed ordering options ( 14 Aug 2000 )

As from today, August 14th 2000, the new registration price has become valid. The pricing system has been changed and is now unified for all accepted currencies and ordering methods. The new price is $39.95 USD and is the same regardless of how you choose to place the order. Other currencies used in the European Union including Euro are accepted as well, with the value calculated from the USD-based price at current exchange rates. Also changed are available ordering options - bank transfer orders have been discontinued and replaced by a similar service from ShareIt, a new online ordering vendor accepting orders for WhereIsIt, that has joined the existing DigiBuy's services. All details about the new ordering and pricing system are available on the How to Order page, while the documentation and How to Order Wizard in the new version 3.0 have been adjusted accordingly.
Orders that will arrive by mail on or after August 14th 2000 and will carry the old price will still be accepted, under condition that postal stamp on the envelope confirms they were sent before that date.

Shipping new key files completed ( 13 Aug 2000 )

All of the new key files for version 3.0 were emailed to existing registered users. If you did not receive yours, send a request with your existing license details (user name, company, and serial number) and your current email address to Please note that license details are requested for a reason and update requests missing them will not be processed.

WhereIsIt 3.0 is nearing the first public beta ( 22 Jul 2000 )

The development and internal testing cycle of the new WhereIsIt 3.0 is now about to get completed, and the program is estimated to be released to public as beta 1 in the middle of August. More detailed information with snapshots, features list, some final comments about this new release and planes for the near future are available on a dedicated WhereIsIt 3.0 Info Page, as many of you who were regular visitors for the past six months are already used to.

New license keys for WhereIsIt 3.0 ( 22 Jul 2000 )

All registered users with valid e-mail addresses can expect to receive an automated email with updated license details, which will allow you to upgrade your license to version 3 and start using the new version as a registered user. The new key files are currently being generated for all registered users, and are planned to begin shipping in the first days of August. Please be patient if you don't receive your email right away, there are more than 22.000 to be sent out and this will take a while - I estimate about two weeks. There will be a note published on this web site when new key files have completed shipping.

Please note!
If you have changed your email address since registering WhereIsIt and you didn't report the change earlier, or you would just like to make sure you will receive the new license key to the correct email address, please send a quick note by email to, by the end of July the latest. Include the following details in your email:

User Name
Serial Number
Old E-mail Address
New E-mail Address

Please state the user name, company, and serial number as stated in your current license.

Official WhereIsIt? link images and banners ( 17 Apr 2000 )

If you would like to include a link to WhereIsIt's home page on your own web pages, you can do so by including one of the official WhereIsIt link images or banners from this small collection.

WhereIsIt? 2.16a and version 3.0 info update ( 23 Mar 2000 )

It's been a while since the last update to this site, mostly due to a dedicated work on the next version 3. A minor update to version 2.16 that is being released is just a small service pack release - a package that includes all the latest plugins, help files, and a small number of minor fixes for rare-to-encounter problems. Version 2.16a is very likely to remain the last one of the 2.xx series as for some time now all the work is concentrated on new version 3.

As for the WhereIsIt 3.00, it has been through some major changes over the last two months that also define the core and capabilities of the new version. Most of kernel functions and memory management were almost completely rewritten, and the new catalog file format for version 3 is getting some solid shape. This part was definitely the hardest one, but it was well worth the effort as it supports many new features, such as catalog compression, large data objects handling (custom icons, thumbnails), and many others. The latest status report is available with the link above.

WhereIsIt? 2.16 released ( 23 Jan 2000 )

The latest 2.xx maintenance release includes all the latest plugins and adds some minor improvements in the program itself. New in the plugins section are updated Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and TIFF plugins which now include support for IPTC-NAA image info record, more commonly known by Photoshop users by its File Info dialog.
The WhereIsIt 3.00 info page has also been updated with a new snapshot and current status.

New plugins support for digital camera images ( 16 Jan 2000 )

The JPEG and TIFF plugins now include additional support to extract exposure information commonly embedded in images transferred from digital cameras. Please note however that not all cameras use the same format for storing these details, and they are generally lost if image is edited. Both plugins include support for the ISO-standardized EXIF format that is supported by most newer digital cameras today and by different manufacturers, and are capable of exporting details such as camera model, shutter and aperture values, flash usage, focal length used etc.

New and improved description plugins ( 9 Jan 2000 )

A couple of new description plugins are now available, as well as a few improved existing ones. The Main Description Module now also includes plugins for handling Word Perfect and Quattro Pro documents (importing the same type of information as the MS Office set of plugins). The Graphics Description Plugins have been updated as well and now include two new plugins for handling PNG files and Adobe Photoshop PSD files, while a few existing plugins (GIF, JPEG) have been improved for importing additional details such as embedded comments and animated GIFs. All graphics plugins now also have a config dialog where you can choose between importing basic details only such as image dimensions and color depth, and importing all available details including DPI info, embedded comments etc.

Happy New Year 2000! ( 31 Dec 1999 )

To all WhereIsIt users out there I wish a happy and successful new millennium, lots of order in your media collections, and plenty of new WhereIsIt versions...

New description plugins for graphics files ( 12 Dec 1999 )

For all of you out there dealing with lots of graphics files, here is a new set of graphics description plugins for importing details about your pictures and storing them in WhereIsIt's catalogs as descriptions. The new module can currently handle BMP, GIF, JPEG/JFIF, PCX, and TIFF files, for each importing image width, height, and color depth, while the TIFF plugin can handle some additional details specific to this format as well.

The new WhereIsIt 3.0 plans and snapshots revealed ( 7 Dec 1999 )

As promised some time ago, I have finally found some time to put together a new, dedicated page for the upcoming 3.0 release, currently under heavy development. You will find there a list of new features planned for the new release, see what was already implemented and check out a few snapshots from current development version.

WhereIsIt 2.15a released, minor update only ( 7 Dec 1999 )

As reported by some users and later confirmed, there appears to be an illegally modified version of WhereIsIt 2.15 available on some shareware sites. Someone has tried to remove the shareware limitations, but only succeeded in triggering one of the internal protection systems that disables save operations. This new version is being released as 2.15a to make it distinct from the modified version. While at it, there are some other changes included in the new version as well, most notably some description plugins improvements, performance fine-tuning in the program itself, and some updates in the documentation.

Following this last issue, I have just recently moved to a new location - you may have noticed new mailing address. I have been busy for the last four months with adapting and equipping my new home-office, especially so in the last few weeks when moving got into the final phase. I'm well settled in by now and the development of new version 3.0 is fully back on track again.
For all of you that may be worried about mailing me registrations, there is no need for concern. My old mailing address (at Matije Tomca 1, 1230 Domzale) is still valid and will remain as such at least for a year to come; the same goes for all other details such as bank account numbers. If you are planning to send a registration by regular mail or direct bank transfer, it is recommended to use the new address or bank account number instead, it will likely save a day or two though.

Service release 2.15 ( 2 Nov 1999 )

A few minor new features like additional support for MP3 files, and fixes for all known and reported problems so far are what is the 2.15 release all about. The MS Office plugin introduced in the previous release was found to occasionally leave open files behind which could cause some problems on the long run, otherwise the problems addressed are rare and are not likely to be encountered at all. Version 2.15 also addresses a very elusive and difficult to repeat problem with printing on network printers on Windows NT 4.0.

While the 2.1x release is mostly just being maintained, the next major version is progressing great. The whole project was just transferred to the latest Delphi 5 and the list of new features is growing steadily almost on daily bases. If I find a free hour or two in the next few days, I'll open a dedicated page to this new version with a few snapshots and list of new features implemented by now, or still planned to be implemented. If you have any suggestions for the new major version as well, now would be the time to let me know.

Version 2.14 with new MS Office description plugins ( 11 Oct 1999 )

Two new description plugins are the most notable additions to WhereIsIt in this release, especially the one handling MS Office documents, created by Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Binder. MS Office plugin can extract the document summary information, showing details such as title, author, keywords, editing time, originating program, user comments etc. Similar plugins may be included for other programs as well that use the standardized OLE document structure - the first of those is already included in this release and handles Visio drawing files. Other changes include some minor improvements and an adjustment here and there, just to make sure everything is running smoothly - nothing much about it.

Version 2.13 released ( 25 Sep 1999 )

Version 2.13 is another maintenance release, including some minor improvements and optimizations, as well as addressing a few problems reported so far. As always, full details are available on the program history page. The next major version is under heavy development at this time, list of new features is getting longer on daily bases.

New printable manual is now available ( 11 Sep 1999 )

For all of you that have been asking for the manual or how to print the help file, there is now a WhereIsIt Quick Manual available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The manual is based on the help file contents, it was just rearranged a bit and formatted for printing on a paper. The WhereIsIt Quick Manual is in English language and has 55 pages.

Service release 2.12 and other recent events ( 3 Sep 1999 )

The 2.12 service release brings in the next set of small fixes and adjustments, collected in the last three weeks. There is nothing much to it, program appears to be quite stable and there is not likely to be another service release in the near future.
The count of available help file translations is also rising, the latest additions are Traditional Chinese and Slovene help files.
Work on the next major version is progressing on schedule, list of new features planned for this release is getting longer every week. There will be more said about those at later time.

Minor maintenance release, WhereIsIt? 2.11 ( 11 Aug 1999 )

Version 2.11 is a small service release, containing a set of small fixes and some minor improvements, such as equipping all controls in the program with right-click "What's This" popup menus. As always, full details are available in release notes. Description plugins were addressed as well, with changes to CDDB and MP3 plugins, and introduction of a new true-type fonts plugin, but those were already available for separate download a few days before releasing version 2.11.

WhereIsIt 2.10 Final released ( 25 Jul 1999 )

WhereIsIt? 2.10 is now finally released as a final version. There weren't many changes necessary since the last 2.10 RC1 release, just some final polishing. Version 2.10 should remain as such for some time to come, with exception of some minor adjustments, if necessary.
Now when 2.10 is done with, I'm starting to work on the next major version 2.50, targeted for release early in year 2000. New features planned for this version include enhanced report generator with label and CD-inserts printing support, easier browsing of categories, better integration in Windows etc. More details will be available later.

New online ordering system and mail-list server ( 24 Jul 1999 )

Place an order with DigiBuy WhereIsIt has got a new online ordering system in the past few days. PsL, who had been taking care of WhereIsIt's online orders for the past two years has been going through some changes lately, including merging their services with DigiBuy. DigiBuy combines the high-quality service you have come to expect from PsL, along with many enhanced features that were not available before, such as real-time credit card authorization, customizable order forms, cookie-based shopping cart system etc. In one sentence, ordering WhereIsIt online is now easier and faster then ever. Click the button on the right side to see how the new online ordering system feels like.

At the same time, I have finally changed the mail-list server. The existing mailing list server used so far had increasingly more and more problems as the number of mailing list recipients has grown. I am now using a mail-list server provided by my web host company, hopefully with better results and reliable e-mail service. All existing subscriptions were preserved, there is no need to subscribe to the mailing list again.

These changes have kept me busy for a while, however the final 2.10 version is still scheduled for release in the next day or two.

WhereIsIt 2.10 Release Candidate ( 14 Jul 1999 )

WhereIsIt is now being released as Release Candidate (RC) version. There were some features added or modified in this release that could use some testing, and I'm still looking into one more (rare) bug report that is hopefully fixed in this RC release already. I can't release it as a final until I'm sure though.
This release was also tested and a bit adjusted to be fully compliant with requirements Microsoft's official "Designed for Windows 98 and Windows NT" logo program. I'm thinking about having the final 2.10 release officially tested and get the rights to use this logo for WhereIsIt, standing as a certificate that "this product has been tested to work with Windows 98/NT, and to provide optimum usability and to assure a consistent, accessible user experience", as Microsoft puts it.

Final beta 2.10 beta 3 available ( 5 Jul 1999 )

The third beta version includes some mostly network related enhancements and addresses a few other issues found or reported so far. Beta 3 should be the last beta before the final version 2.10 is released in a week or so.

WhereIsIt 2.10 beta 2 released ( 21 Jun 1999 )

The second beta version of new WhereIsIt 2.10 is now available for public download, addressing most of the issues reported so far, as well as introducing a few minor enhancements. At least one beta version is still expected before 2.10 will be released as final version.

Version 2.10 beta 1 released to public ( 13 Jun 1999 )

The new version 2.10 introduces apart from previously mentioned lower resource consumption some new ways how program can handle network drives. Full UNC addressing support is now implemented and program no longer requires that your network drives have to be connected to local drive letter in order to be scanned by WhereIsIt. More details about new UNC support are available in program's release notes. Other improvements include extended help file and CDDB plugin as well. Due to some major changes in the program, version 2.10 is currently released as public beta version.

Version 2.10 is on the way ( 28 May 1999 )

The next version 2.10 is currently under construction and will include mostly some notable performance and functional improvements. Some major work so far had been completed on reconstructing the program's Settings dialog, with its 200+ controls the main cause for near 11% resource drop after starting the program. The new design in 2.10 allows this dialog to be created dynamically in small pieces, resulting in about 50% lower resource consumption and noticeably faster program startup and shutdown. Similar adjustments were performed on some other major dialogs as well, such as Report Generator.
Other improvements include extended help support with new comprehensive "How to..." section, improved multi-language support, as well as a few other new features planned to be implemented in the next few days.
Version 2.10 is expected to be released in about two weeks.

WhereIsIt? is "Pick of the Week" on the WUGNET ( 26 May 1999 )

wugnet WhereIsIt had been recently elected by Windows Users Group Network [WUGNET] to be featured as Pick of the Week on the CompuServe Windows Users Forum, starting on week beginning with Sunday, June 13th. The Windows Users Group Network are operators of the oldest and largest independent support resource forum for Windows users on CompuServe with over 1,000,000 active members.

Lucky winners of 10.000th registered user contents ( 25 May 1999 )

WhereIsIt hit the next major milestone in the last week, reaching 10.000 registered users of this software. As promised before, five users with numbers 9998 to 10002 were given a full refund of their order, so here are the lucky winners (with their permission):

Version 2.03 released ( 13 May 1999 )

Version 2.03 is the next service release that also brings in some minor new features, like extending Description Assistant's capabilities. It also includes the latest version of standard description module, otherwise already available for the last few days as a separate download, and addresses a few issues reported in the last week.

Updated main description plugins ( 8 May 1999 )

If you are experiencing problems with scanning MP3 files, the new version of description plugins is likely to help with better tolerance for strange or damaged MP3 files. Other improvements include user definable list of files for Index.txt-typed description plugin, and a fine-tuned CDDB plugin. A few new plugins are currently under construction, expect a new batch coming out soon!

WhereIsIt? 2.02 with CDDB plugin for Audio CDs ( 2 May 1999 )

The main star of 2.02 service release is the new CDDB description plugin - for those who don't know what CDDB is, it's an Internet-based database of Audio CD titles. This new plugin allows you to catalog your Audio CDs with full disk and title descriptions without having to type anything, as long as you are connected to the Internet. CDDB database currently includes more than 350.000 titles. You can find more about CDDB on their own web site.
Other changes in 2.02 service release include some minor performance improvements, cutting down a bit on resource consumption, enhanced MP3 plugin support and a few minor fixes.

Description plugin update and a false virus alert ( 24 Apr 1999 )

The description plugin module in WhereIsIt? 2.01 was found to have some problems with MP3 files, namely the ones using older implementation of ID3v2 tags (ID3v2.2). Such MP3 files are rare today, most MP3 files that use ID3v2 tags use a newer standard (ID3v2.3), however if one is encountered it could cause scanning to stop in some cases. The main description plugin has been updated to support properly ID3v2.2 tags, as well to better handle other possibly unsupported implementations of ID3v2 tags. You can download the updated plugin alone, and the main program package has been updated as well to include the new plugin.

There were some reports lately about a file SampleModule.dll being infected with the Netbus.2.Trojan "virus" (trojan program, actually), as reported by the latest versions of Norton Antivirus 5.0. This is a false alert by NAV, file is NOT infected and it is suggested that you add it to the list of ignored files in NAV. The file will be replaced in later releases with newly rebuilt version that is slightly different and does not cause the false virus alert in NAV.

Expecting 10.000th registered user of WhereIsIt? ( 24 Apr 1999 )

WhereIsIt? is closing fast on the next round number of registered users and will soon reach the magic limit of 10.000 registered users of shareware version, not counting users who have acquired the program via other distributors. How about that! In the last three weeks alone since new version 2.00 was released as final there were over 800 new registrations.

To celebrate this new milestone and thank at least some of you for your support, five newly registered users with customer numbers of 9.998 to 10.002, including, will be given full refund from their purchase. You never know, it might be you! Lucky winners will be published on these pages, with their permission, of course. Thank you all, WhereIsIt? would not be the same without your help and support.

WhereIsIt? 2.01 and WhereIsIt? Lite 2.0 ( 20 Apr 1999 )

Here is a rare occasion for WhereIsIt?, a double release on the same day. A minor service release 2.01 addresses all known issues with 2.00 release so far. Some of you have noticed that version available for download has changed a few times already in the last three weeks, addressing reported problems in real time. This service release just gathers them all under a new version mark. There are also some minor enhancements in this release, such as support for MP3 files equipped with newer ID3v2 description tags.
At the same time, WhereIsIt? Lite 2.0 has been released as a freeware browser available to distribute with your catalogs. Just like the old 1.xx version WhereIsIt? Lite has read-only capabilities and can not be used to modify catalogs in any way, but it still has all browsing features of fully registered version, including full searching support and report generator.

User support and invalid return e-mail addresses ( 19 Apr 1999 )

In the last few weeks there were quite a few cases of support request e-mails with invalid reply-to addresses. Even worse, there were a few orders that have requested to receive their data via e-mail and have stated an invalid or non working e-mail address. If you want to be contacted back about reported issue or to receive an ordered product, please make sure to provide a working e-mail address where I can contact you back. Often I can receive your mail, but can't reply to it. You may not even be aware that your e-mail is not working, or your mail server does not accept emails from outside of your company, for example - please check details like that with your local administrator, preferably before posting a question or sending an order. All support related emails are being replied to, usually in less than 24 hours - if you don't receive a reply within a day or two, I'm most likely having problems sending it to you.

WhereIsIt? 2.00 Final Release ( 31 Mar 1999 )

The final version of WhereIsIt? 2.00 is now released, rounding up almost exactly one year of development of this major new version. Program went through some final testing during last week and a few minor problems were addressed and fixed since the Release Candidate release. At this point, program should be fairly stable - unless there is a major problem found in the program, other reports will be addressed in smaller service releases from now on, a few weeks apart at least.
The next point on the schedule is to bring the freeware version WhereIsIt? Lite up to date, upgrading it to version 2.00 technology and catalog file format support. Nothing much else will change about WhereIsIt? Lite, it will still remain catalog reader and browser only, without means to modify catalog data. The one difference will be that WhereIsIt? Lite will not be multi-language program as the full release is, it will be available in English language only.

WhereIsIt? has a new home on the Internet ( 31 Mar 1999 )

At the same time as the final release 2.00 was published, WhereIsIt? got a new home on the Internet, with its own domain name. From now on, you can find all the latest information and downloads on this dedicated address: Most of current mirror sites will still remain operational, however you may want to update your bookmarks!

The home page itself is going through some rebuilding and adjusting, I'm not done with those yet. The download section is now organized a bit differently to cover for all new downloads WhereIsIt? 2.00 now supports. The "How to Order page" has been updated, with registration form now accessible on a separate page for easier printing and available in two formats - text-only, and online version with automatic price calculations. That's not all, there is now even the online version of How to Order Wizard, to help you choose the best way to register WhereIsIt? (warning, users of WhereIsIt? 2.00, possible deja-vu experience).