Where Is It? - Banners and Link Images

Feel free to use any of the following link images, buttons, or banners on your own pages when linking to WhereIsIt's home page. To download, right-click an image and select "Save Picture as..." Please link directly to the main site "https://www.whereisit-soft.com", not to any of the mirror sites.

Banner, animated, 468 x 60, 28.062 bytes

Banner, simple blue, 468 x 60, 9.149 bytes

Banner, simple yellow, 468 x 60, 7.471 bytes

Banner, simple yellow, no logo, 468 x 60, 9.139 bytes

Link image, big, transparent, for white background, 161 x 68, 2.804 bytes

Link image, medium, transparent, for white background, 112 x 48, 1.772 bytes

Link image, small, transparent, 80 x 25, 972 bytes