User Comments

Here are some comments from real WhereIsIt users I have received by email in the last three years (1997-2000). When looking for material to include on this page, I have put my email archive to a good use and searched for a couple of keywords. It turned out there were more than 700 quotes that would qualify to be included here. Thank you all for boosting my moral in all this time, probably more than I was aware of. Quotes as stated below are a few completely random selected and in no particular order.

Congratulation, this is really a great utility with amazing capabilities. I'm currently using it with my collection of zip disk in replacement of the Iomega FindIt tools.

Jean-Francois R.

I am happy to have found WhereIsIt, it is just what I need. I'm using the program now for just a few hours, but what I've seen the user interface is IOTTMCO (intuitively obvious to the most casual observer) and the program does what it should - congratulations to the package!

R. Meili

I have just tried out "Where Is It ?" and wanted to congratulate you on a great product ! I think it's the best cataloging utility on the market, and I've tried quite a few.

Aleksey Z.

You have a great program! I've only used it about 30 minutes and already love it. Further, it beats both ZipCat Pro and Advanced Disk Catalog already. I've used both of those programs so I should know too.

Bill H.

I have tried literally hundreds of freeware/shareware programs, and dozens of commercial software packages. I believe that I can categorically state that WhereIsIt is the most stable, user-friendly, useful, flexible...let's just stay it is absolutely the best program on my computer

Gaston C M.

This is what I've been looking for to keep some order with my filing system. I've compared your program with many others that I tested and found Whereisit to be the most efficient and practical with description capable features. Your program is well worth the purchase.

John G K.

First of all, congratulations for the program. I had played a bit with WhereIsIt by the time of 1.25, and I must say that the new versions 2.16 and 3.0 DO (still) look good. The other cataloging programs I have seen around can't stand the comparison.

Jean-Marc B. van S.

I have now registered the software. I only downloaded it yesterday but after trying it out on a number of my Jaz drive disks, I knew it was well worth the price.

Larry D. W.

You have written a great program. I am still evaluating the pre-release version 2.00. The Iomega company, makers of the zip disk and jaz disks should purchase the rights from you and sell it with their disks.

Frank G. M.

Congratulations on the success of your little handy utility program! That is wonderful! I have about half dozen utilities and personal info managers that I would miss terribly if there were gone, and WhereIsIt? is one of them!

Syd D.

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you since purchasing the version I have used the program extensively to catalog my CD Rom Music Collection. I am currently using the 2.0 beta version and it is terrific. Can't wait until you are finished. A big pat on the back and AttaBoys are due. Thanks for a great program!!!!

Elmer W.

I thank you for such a refined, full featured, user friendly, great & helpful product. WhereIsIt is a necessity for me.

Ron S.

WhereIsIt is a fantastic tool which saves me a lot of time ! As I am myself a Delphi developer, I can fully appreciate the beauty of your work. I think that your program should be a wonderful template for every developer

Axel C.

I haven't downloaded Where is it? since pre-v1.0 - boy, has it matured! Some of the things you were struggling with back then are fully-integrated. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work! Congratulations - I hope it sells big!


I recently purchased your excellent WhereIsIt software. I'm very impressed with the full range of features, easily outclassing every competing product I've come across.

Peter K.

Sincere congratulations for your work. It's one of the 3 sharewares I use more than once a day.

Jean-Jacques K.

WhereIsIt? is great, in fact, the best cataloging program I know (including Macintosh software). It's got an elegant intuitive UI, it is configurable and really very fast. Congratulations! I dig it.


WhereIsIt should inspirit all software developers, on how to treat translations. You are great with that International Support facility.


I received my registration code and all seems working correctly. I tested eleven disk catalog programs before deciding and no doubt you have the best software. Congratulations!

A.M.C. Fiori

Having read the article in the Wall Street Journal Europe on your software, I have decided to buy a license.

Ivan D.

Ordering, paying, installing and using were a question of a few hours. Never before was a transaction that fast. Thank you for your fast response and congratulations with an excellent peace of software. I tried many disk cataloguing programs (especially for CD-ROM's and ZIP's) but never found one with such a wealth of possibilities and configurable items.

Demon M.

I spent about 15 minutes using the evaluation version before I concluded that WhereIsIt? was a definitely well-written and extremely useful program to have. Congratulations on a very fine product. I am looking forward to future versions, even though the current version is more than enough for me at this time!

Guy St-D.

Outstanding program! I have been trying catalogue programs for 5 years and this is the first one that does what I wanted to do.

Robert M.

The registration code works perfectly. I've been 'playing' with the program for a few hours and am very favorably impressed at all that it can do!

Fred S.

I have received the registration code and I wish to thank you for for having the opportunity to work with your marvelous program. Congratulations! It works very intuitive and clear, there was no need for the 'help function' for me to work with your exiting program.

Raymond Van T.

Great program even in unregistered mode. I downloaded 9 different programs and yours was the best. I haven't had time to try all of the options or features, but I expect they will impress me just as much as the first time I used it to catalog my zip disks.

Gary W. A.

Thank You for your great software. I work with images and find it invaluable when keeping track of my CD's.

Phil P.

I want to express my thanks for the excellent software that you have created and it fits exactly what I have been hunting for several months to find. Many thanks, and keep up the GREAT work....

Carol L. M.

Nice, easy and clean install/config and everything seems to work fine. I've looked at several other catalogue programs, but this one is by far the best i have seen. Thanks for a great tool, and keep up the good work

Michiel H.